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My Desktop PC Goes Kaput

May 12, 2009

So my desktop PC’s power supply had been acting up lately and I think it finally started to fail given the random freezes. Not turning it on again until I try a different power supply on it to test if that’s causing the crashes. Until then I’m using my Samsung Q1U with Windows 7 as my main computer. I can hook it up to desktop’s monitor and keyboard/mouse combo, but right now I’m feeling comfortable using it on the living room table with just the external keyboard (which has a touchpad). The Q1U is a really low performance device so I can’t do a lot at the same time. I’m trying to keep the machine as lean as possible so I only installed the necessities on it: Opera (which works as browser plus IRC, e-mail, and torrent clients), Evernote for taking notes in class, and Digsby for IM.


So far I haven’t missed much aside from being able to do photo-editing but that’s something I can live without for now. Using the external keyboard is a must since the Q1U isn’t really designed for extended typing. On a side-note, I’m using a 2GB SD card for ReadyBoost (basically turns external flash storage into extra RAM according to Microsoft, but personally I think it’s more akin to the paging file). Well I’ve been using the set up for like two hours and aside from a little back pain from slouching, the Q1U’s 7-inch screen hasn’t been a bother.


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